No deal!

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Imagine: you live in the capital of your country, you have a great job, a beautiful family and everything you do prosper! One day, the president offers you a great deal: he wants to buy your deserted factories and give you high-tech offices with the best view on the city in exchange. But you have a problem: your boss asked you not to sale anything that belong to you. Meanwhile if you do not accept the bargain of the president you will be in great troubles. What do you decide? Do you follow the command of your boss or do you choose safety and desobedience?

Someone was in the same position 3000 years ago while God did forbid to His people to sale its land. Do you know what did he answer? NOT TO SALE! His life has been taken after humiliation and lapidation. Would you have done the same knowing the risk?

Someone else proclaimed that He was not to sale and He gave His life on the cross for you. He suffered to obey God but the reward is beyond your imagination. Thus I exhort you to live with God posting NOT TO SALE. Do not make concessions with the presidents of your world (TV, computer, phone, sport...). 

Read the story of Naboth (A Kings 21:1-16) and like him in verse 3, answer to the dominations of this world: "May the Lord keep me from giving you what I have received from my fathers". 

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