Shaken by God

Written by Jean-Yves Le Guehennec. Posted in Y'a pas que l'ordi dans la vie

Are you in love? I mean crazy in love?

In this book, Francis Chan demonstrates how the most important person of the universe is crazy in love with you! The God who gave life to the caterpillars with their 228 distinct head muscles and created over 350 billions of galaxies is deeply in love with you!

- So what?

- How do you answer to God? Indifference? Going to church regularly, singing, praying and giving 100% on sunday morning (in other words being tepid)? Or with passion, over 200% all the time for Him? Francis Chan believes that God is really what He says He is! So in reality He wants you to follow Him with all your heart. If you make place for Him, He will give you all the things you need for now.
Are you ready to give God the main role in the movie of your life? Are you so moved by His greatness and generosity that you wish to carry His mark?
If you believe that having faith means also doing things (trivial or amazing) that your friends qualify as stupid, you will find in this book how to practically boost your relationship with Jesus!

In addition, there are plenty of videos linked to the different chapters of the book!


Crazy Love, Francis Chan


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